Student council

Student body as a miniature society

The student body at the opisto constitutes a miniature society that provides skills for civil activities. The student body is supervised by the curator.

The Student council is responsible for the activities of the student body. It is selected through an election. It is comprised of a representative from each line, one teacher and one member of the staff who is not a teacher. The Student council meets once every two weeks on average during the school year.
The Student council appoints members to 11 committees that function under it. All students and employees of the opisto work as a member of some committee. Committees take turns organizing weekend theme days.

The Publications committee works in partnership with a journalist course. It publishes the opisto’s Vihreä tähkä booklet, designs and makes the yearbook, participates in making the opisto’s annual report and organizes publication events during the school year. The committee is responsible for the photographing of opisto events. It sells publications it edits for the benefit of the opisto class trip and writes articles about the opisto in various newspapers.

The Kitchen committee creates and develops ideas related to opisto dining events and organizes events related to cooking for the benefit of the opisto class trip together with the staff. The committee is responsible for the coffee served at services and provisions brought on trips. The committee makes sure that self-monitoring takes place in various events. The committee is trained in self-monitoring in the autumn.

The Kiosk committee is responsible for holding the kiosk open and organizing kiosk-related events for raising funds for the class trip.

The Free-time committee organizes free-time events together with the curator. Among other things, it organizes free-time activities on Tuesday evenings and tepee evenings and outdoor events.

The Exercise committee is responsible for organizing a variety of exercising events, health drives and physical condition campaigns. The committee organizes one self-funded ski trip during the opisto winter. The committee is responsible for arranging exercise equipment in partnership with the cleaning staff.

The Program committee organizes program evenings with the curator, teachers and other committees.

The Trip committee creates ideas and organizes small trips and hikes within the framework of the activity calendar. The main task is to plan the spring class trip and contribute to the raising of funds for the class trip.

Class trip in Estonia

The Technology committee is responsible for the computers in cooperation with the student councillors and information technology teachers. The members of the committee work as information technology tutors who guide students in using computers and information networks. The committee puts together a photograph cd of the school year.

The Student support committee strengthens the solidarity of the opisto and creates a positive atmosphere. The committee activates unsociable or socially displaced students to participate in common activities. The curator trains support students in their task. The committee carries out the design competition, ordering and sales of the opisto shirt.

The Fund raising committee organizes fund raising for the benefit of the student body. The committee organizes the creation and sales of the opisto calendar with the aid of a sales competition. The committee also organizes craft and bake sales in different localities, and various fundraising events during short courses.

The Environmental committee is responsible for the collection of waste paper, sorting wastes and outdoor work events, and creates ideas for programs of theme days related to the environment. The committee guides and motives students in sustainable development. The committee is responsible for evening cleanup and works with staff to develop and keep the opisto a pleasant place. It organizes outdoor work days in the opisto area.