Special Needs Line

Special Needs Line prepares students for skills and knowledge needed in daily life. The line is intended for mentally disabled young people and for those who have individual curriculum. The studies encourage students to become independent and develop initiative. One goal of the program is to help everyone accept him or herself.

Selection Criteria

When choosing student, adjusting in the group and coping without night supervision are considered essential. The final selection is based on the special arranged selection course.

The Studies

General education studies

  • Life Skills
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Guidance Counseling
  • ICT
  • Religion
  • Finnish

Specialization studies

  • Civics
  • Home Economics
  • Physical Education
  • Creative Activities
  • Project Work
  • Wood Work
  • Textile Work
  • Friendship Club

Optional studies can be chosen at the beginning of the fall term.

Apply to the opisto!

Ask the office for an application form.