Reisjärvi Christian College’s objectives are

  • to expand students’ general knowledge and societal awareness
  • encourage lifelong and self-motivated learning
  • bring up students as individuals and members of society
  • raise them to be patriotic and internationally orientated
  • promote multiculturalism
  • promote active citizenship
  • deepen students’ life skills
  • guide them in internalizing Christian traditions and life values
  • guide them in respecting homes and families and in taking care of relationships
  • develop manual skills
  • train them in initiative-taking, working, and entrepreneurship
  • encourage them to respect nature and the environment and to put into practice the principle of sustainable development
  • support their self-esteem, personal growth, socialization, and all-round wellbeing
  • promote readiness to study, further studies, and career choices
  • guide them to accept disability
  • foster respect for diversity