Learning outlook

Constructivist views of learning are applied to the school’s system of education. According to them, people are active learners, who themselves construct knowledge into hierarchical internal models. Learning is an active interaction between individuals and their environment.

Students are responsible for what they learn, set their own goals, evaluate their implementation, and, based on their experiences, construct former knowledge structures. They learn much from fellow students by means of collaborative learning. Because every student perceives the world uniquely, it is necessary for students and teachers to plan together. Students’ learning goals become organized during the learning process.

Teachers guide their students to take the initiative, to apply and test knowledge independently, as well through experience, to learn by doing and through making discoveries. Teachers are genuinely interested in their students and respect them. They are are accepting but also critical evaluators, genuine innovators and warm supporters, who provide challenges and and visions for their students, but also allow them to imagine themselves. Teachers strive for their students to use and apply their the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

The benefits of being a boarding school are taken advantage of during teaching. The school functions as cozy “learning village” that puts into practice boarding school pedagogy:

One-on-one guidance
Making a personal study plan
Experiencing diversity
Learning by doing
Participating in the student council—a miniature society
Learning life skills