Adult Line

The Adult Line is intended for Finnish and foreign students of at least 18 years of age who are preparing for a vocational school or university. The program is also good for the transitional phase between the military and further education. Students are welcome to the Education Studies Program after high school or a secondary school.

During the school year it is a good idea to think about what institution of higher learning you will be attending later. An individual study plan is made for each student. Communication skills are a large part of the Adult Line. In addition to spoken communication, the line has a lot of English classes. Students can choose conversational English, societal and religious English based on their skill level. Students may also practice translating.

In research courses, students practise conducting a small-scale research project. Students can complete the basic courses of pedagogics and possibly psychology and special pedagogics as open university courses, or the online courses of any institution of higher learning. In the seminar, students can prepare for the university entrance examinations that are taken in the spring.

Selection Criteria

Minimum age 18 and plans to study in institution of higher learning in the future are appreciated when choosing students.

Studies of the Program

General education studies

Life skills
Student guidance
Information technology

Preparatory studies

Open university studies
Basic pedagogic studies 15 cr (25 op)
Basic studies in special pedagogics 15 cr (25 op)
Basic psychology 15 cr (25 op)
Project work
English and Finnish discussion (level 1)
English discussion (level 2) for Finns
Social Studies (level 3) for Finns
Religious English (Translation English) (level 4)
Finnish for foreigners
Finnish studies